Periodic Table of the Elements

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About the Periodic Table of the Elements

Printable Periodic table of elements

The chemical elements are shown in a table in the Periodic Table of the Elements (PSE for short) and should not be missing in any table work. Why is this element table used in chemistry? And how does the periodic table of the elements work? We provide you with the periodic table explanation in our guide , so that you keep an overview of main periodic table groups and atomic numbers and reveal where you can get a periodic table to print out.

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The chemistry periodic table appears confusing at first glance, but the information in the element table has a logical explanation and is less complex once you have understood the PSE. But who invented the periodic table of the elements? As early as 1869, the Russian Dmitri Mendeleev and the German Lothar Meyer came up with a similar idea to represent the chemical elements. The Mendeleev table of elements has prevailed to this day.

Periodic table: explanation of the elements

Printable Version

If you want a practical PDF, you can print it out on the following pages:

The single element in the PSE

Main groups explained

The elements are sorted by atomic numbers (top left) and the main groups can be found in the first two vertical columns and in columns 13-18.
main group elements
I alkali metals
II alkaline earth metals
III Boron group / earth metals
IV Carbon-silicon group
V Nitrogen-phosphorus group
VI Chalkogene / oxygen group
VII Halogens / fluoro group
VIII Noble gases / helium group
To get back to the outer electrons: For example, group 1 (I) contains hydrogen and alkali metals. The number of valence electrons is 1. This means that elements in this group each have an outer electron. Alkaline earth metals have 2, the elements on the boron group have 3 valence electrons.

Colored division into groups

Depending on the form of presentation, a colored bar at the bottom or a background in a specific color shows which element series it is: Is it a non-metal, alkali metal, alkaline earth metal or another type? Below we have listed the series and examples for you: